Victor Espadinha is a renowned artist on the national scene and does not need big presentations. With almost six decades of career, as a musician and actor, he has countless successes and his vast experience on stage makes his performances leave a mark in anyone’s memory.

Born in Lisbon in 1939, he took his first steps in artistic life at Teatro Avenida in the city of Lourenço Marques (present-day Maputo), the Mozambican capital, between 1956 and 1964. Over the years he has performed the most varied functions, among which was a journalist in the Mozambican newspaper A Tribuna and later worked in Northern Rhodesia on an English television station.

In 1966, shortly after returning to Portugal, it is at the Teatro Viallaret that he presents himself to the Portuguese public with the comedy “Deliciosamente Louca” where he performed with names like Eunice Muñoz, Rogério Paulo, João Perry and Rui de Carvalho. However, only in 1974 with the premiere of the comedy “Mostra-me a tua Piscina”, which was on the scene for two years at the Capitólio, did he achieve his first great success, having been the leap that the actor needed to consolidate his career.

There were many projects in which Victor Espadinha was involved. “A Visita da Cornélia” a contest where he played a clown, made him sign a contract with Polygram (music publisher) and recorded three albums. Along with his success “Recordar é Viver” which probably became the biggest milestone of his career as a singer, Espadinha participated in the song “Ouvi Dizer” by Ornatos Violeta, one of the band’s greatest successes.

As an actor his vast career has countless successes. In the theater, with plays like “Cabaret”, “Às Nove Em Ponto”; on television, in series like “Maré Alta”, “Malucos do Riso” and “Família Mata”; or even in the cinema, in the film “Viúva Rica Solteira Não Fica”; the successes for which the artist is recognized are countless. Thus, Vítor Espadinha is today one of the most acclaimed actors by the Portuguese public and who, despite his 80 years of age, still conveys the joy and passion of those who love the arts, especially theater and music.

2020 will be a year of many novelties since this will be the year in which Vítor Espadinha presents a new album and a new play. Scheduled for May, the artist brings together in his new record (album) some of his great successes as well as five new themes. Recall that his single, “Recordar é Viver”, has more than one million copies sold. However, alongside this new album, Vítor Espadinha also performs in the theater with a new play. This play consists of a monologue in which the actor plays three characters solo.

Rhodes Live, a division of the Rhodes Entertainment group, is pleased to announce that from now on it will be supporting this highly acclaimed national artist in all his projects.