Let’s RECONNECT Culture

RECONECTAR project comes at a time of reopening that is so important for our country to help modernize the way of producing events in Portugal.
Designed especially for our public customers and based on prior consultation, in which we analyze previous events, their historical and social context, in this project we seek to enhance the entire municipality and its local economy:

We reinvent the festivity and modernize its concept, without forgetting its identity.

We restructured event structures and processes. We make it possible for our clients to purchase turnkey services, implementing the event from the very beginning.

We revitalized the communication and promotion of the same, the economy, and local tourism. Boosting the revenue and visibility of the municipality.

Always transmitting the message that “Culture is Safe”, we present several solutions for municipal events, from the creation of a personalized concept for the event, through the definition of the event’s Image, to logistical coordination and animation.

Come and discover the RECONECTAR project